Does Jared Polis support universal health care, single payer health scams plans, or not in his Democratic bid to become governor?

The answer is yes.

Unfortunately, that’s all getting lost in a debate as to whether Polis supported Amendment 69, the radical single-payer system called ColoradoCare that was soundly defeated by voters in 2016.

Looks to us like Polis tried his best to dance around the issue when he was running for reelection to Congress at the time. Here’s what the Coloradoan wrote in 2016:

However, Polis’ only public statements about ColoradoCare have been that he’s on the fence. At a town hall meeting in Fort Collins this past winter, he said it’s an issue that he and all Colorado voters should weigh carefully and then restated his support for a federal public option for health care coverage.

Polis’s gubernatorial campaign website says he supports a single-payer system for Medicare or Medicare for all, as paid for by us. Exactly who “all” is remains to be seen.

Polis supports universal health care regional coverage, not just by an individual state, which was the purpose of Amendment 69.

Instead of paying all those billions to the state, our billions would go into a regional system and somehow find its way back into our pockets in the form of government health care.

He also wants Medicaid on the state exchange system.

This is how great he thinks Obamacare is working for us all, and yes, Polis did and does support Obamacare — it’s just that it doesn’t work so now he thinks we need PolisCare.

Polis doesn’t have to worry about crunching any actual numbers for this magical Universal (in-the-West-only) health care option he’s promoting, because he’s not running for governor of the West and will never have the power to actually make it happen.

So getting back to our point, Polis was “on the fence” about Amendment 69 because he was running for reelection and was too scared to say what he wanted.

Now a Colorado Politics headline calls Kelly Maher a “conservative attack dog” who “growls at Polis” for hanging with the Amendment 69 clique.

A poor choice of words that would have feminists beating down their doors if that headline said “liberal” instead of “conservative.”

Here’s what the executive director said that’s so shocking:

Noting that Polis was touted as the keynoter at the Colorado Foundation for Universal Healthcare’s July 21 conference in Denver, Maher assailed him for associating with the group, which sponsored the single-payer initiative under the ColoradoCareYES banner.

“Voters can tell what’s important to the people they’re interviewing for the position of governor based on where the candidates spend their time and energy right now,” she said in a statement. “Jared Polis is lending his credibility and his ear to those responsible for the worst healthcare scheme proposal in recent history. That he is choosing to run with a small, extreme group of progressives, on an idea that was utterly rejected by Coloradans speaks to how radical he is on the issue.”

The article’s point, she should not have said that because Polis never actually said he supported Amendment 69.

Of course Polis doesn’t want to put the question to voters in an amendment that included how much this crap would actually cost.