Don’t call this guy a lame duck!  It just took one day for Senate President Kevin Grantham to crowdsource more than $10,000 for the Donald Trump portrait to be commissioned and hung in a place of honor in the state Capitol building.

In a clever two-minute sales pitch that Grantham filmed for GoFundMe, the outgoing legislator implored Coloradans to be more democratic in sharing the cost for the painting, in contrast to the Obama portrait, which was funded by one rich donor.  Telling. He even brought up the prank that was perpetrated last month, when someone placed a large picture of Russian President Vladimir Putin in the state capitol’s Hall of Presidential Portraits.

The Trump painting will be completed by the same artist who painted the Obama picture that hangs in the state capitol.

We think that in his post-legislative years, Grantham may have a bright future as a Lincoln Day Dinner live auctioneer!