Jared Polis, Barack Obama, and we think that’s “Jonah Ryan” from “Veep” in the middle.

If you love your crappy health care, and losing your job over and over again, you’re going to love having Democrat Jared Polis as governor of Colorado.

That’s how we read the endorsement bestowed by former (Thank God) President Barack Obama on Colorado Dems running for office this year, including Polis.

Polis was proud to bankrupt Americans with expensive insurance that does jack crap, and fine us thousands of dollars if we didn’t buy into the pyramid scheme, also known as Obamacare.

Just as Coloradans are recovering from the Obama lay-off economy, Polis wants more of that progress!

And he’s not alone, also getting endorsements from Obama to turn the clock backwards are a dozen other Democrats including Phil Weiser, the attorney general candidate who served in the Obama Justice Department, and Jean Griswold, who worked on Obama’s campaign and is now running for Secretary of State.

Exactly what our state election infrastructure does not need, is an Obama campaign operative.

Thanks, but no thanks, Obama. We’ve had enough of your style of government and economic boondoggling. Colorado voters are ready to move on without you.