Stand back everybody!

Jared Polis is digging himself into a giant hole, which looks like it’s about to cave in on him.
The Democrat running for governor of Boulder Colorado called the Daily Sentinel in Grand Junction Monday to try and weasel his way out of the bashing he is deservedly getting for skipping the Club 20 debate.

Their story ran today, so we’re not sure if Polis’s phone call came before, or after, we posted this.

Polis played several different cards hoping the left-leaning paper would side with him, and they did on the most important point — they didn’t press him on the actual reason he won’t attend.

All that Polis allowed in the interview is that he has a “scheduling conflict.” The Sentinel went on to cite the “campaign” as describing it “as a personal family matter.”

Unless someone in his family has scheduled themself to die that far in advance, we don’t accept this as a valid reason for skipping out on the campaign so close to the election. It’s a weaselly excuse.

Polis went on to say he wouldn’t want to attend anyway, because the Club 20 event charges $25.
And, he goes to the Western Slope all the time. However, we doubt he gets any further than his own congressional district in Vail.

Memo to Polis: Visiting with your environmentalist buddies isn’t the same as answering tough questions in a debate format with your opponent on issues that are of historical importance to the Western Slope.

Polis tried to score points by insinuating the only complaints about his skipping the debate come from Front Range elitists, yet that’s where every single one of his debates are scheduled, except for one hosted by the Daily Sentinel.

No wonder they gave him a pass.

With Gary Harmon now retired from the paper, we fear the only questions Polis will be asked at the Sentinel debate are the ones his friends in the teacher unions, Big Green, and other Boulder activists will be interested in hearing.

Polis is proving with his own words and actions that he has no intention of representing the entire state of Colorado.

Only those who share the same Boulder-world view will get an audience with the king if he’s successful in buying the governor’s mansion.