Last night, Democrat Attorney General candidate Phil Weiser’s campaign sent a tweet, ostensibly “outing” a young conservative political operative who tracks Weiser’s events, as if this is something that Democrat candidates don’t employ in equal measure:

What followed was, plain and simply, mortifying. The replies section quickly filled up with various posts from liberal activists, cruelly fat-shaming the young man.

Unfathomably, Weiser’s campaign jumped into the replies and piled on. The campaign would later delete the Tweets, but, you know, screenshots live forever:

It is hard to put into words how vicious and terrible one has to be, from the comfort of his or her keyboard, to attack any young person over their appearance. This really shouldn’t be a partisan issue (looking at you, ProgressNow Colorado). For an official campaign account to do so, from a guy who is running to be the CHIEF LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICER OF THE STATE, is unconscionable.

Weiser’s campaign would later tweet an apology “to anyone who was offended for our earlier tweets.”

Don’t apologize to us. Apologize to the young man you abused. Be better human beings. Politics ain’t beanbag, but bullying is unacceptable. Thousands of young people commit suicide every year due to bullying and cyber-bullying.

The Attorney General’s office handles cases involving bullying and cyber-bullying, and runs an organization, Safe2Tell, that protects young people from harm.

Phil Weiser has disqualified himself from ever touching this critical component of the office he seeks.

As an aside, if a Republican campaign ever did this to a young Democrat operative, it would (rightly) be front-page news in every media outlet in America. For the betterment of society, we encourage the media to apply the same standard to our liberal friends today.