Biden play eeny, meeny, miny, moe during State of the Union address.

In what is likely to be described by him as a “big f___ing deal,” former Vice President and Chief Gaffe Master Joe Biden endorsed Jason Crow in the 6th District Congressional race.

Unfortunately, Biden didn’t actually show up to embarrass endorse Crow in person.

We’re not sure Biden’s even allowed to appear in public anymore. We suspect the Democratic National Committee has him locked away in an attic.

Disappointingly, the endorsement came in written form from a Beltway flack.

In the statement, Biden acknowledged Crow went to college and was in the military. That’s about it. Oh, and the Democrat said he is proud to endorse another Democrat for office.

Completely non-eventful, but the response from Crow is what caught our attention.

“He’s a model for the kind of servant leadership I believe we need to bring back to Washington, and I’m honored to stand with him as I make my case this fall.”

Seriously dude?! This is your role model?

A politician who asks a man in a wheelchair to stand up for a round of applause? Who introduced the president as Barack America? Who likes to talk about lubrication and taking dumps?

We hoped Crow would be taking Biden out on the campaign trail with him. Biden would be a real hit with minorities when he praising them for being articulate and bright, or asks how the convenience store business is faring.