Television ads for U.S. Rep. Mike Coffman hit the air today focusing on the Republican’s work to bring his diverse district together.

The ads successfully tap into the frustration felt by many voters, which starts with bitter politicians who just want to complain instead of finding solutions, the media that covers them, and their social media echo chamber.

Coffman is a bipartisan leader who wants to be part of the solution. That’s what this ad titled “Together” says, because that’s who he really is.

And of course, the ad points out this maverick isn’t afraid to stand up against the party when it parts ways with what his constituents want.

In a second ad called “For us,” his constituents recall the civil rights work Coffman did for the Ethiopian community.

Last month, Coffman sponsored a successful House resolution condemning the Ethiopian government’s use of force against peaceful protests, as well as the government’s habit of putting journalists and opposition leaders in jail and detention camps.

Coffman’s campaign manager Tyler Sandberg told Colorado Politics the ads represent his boss’s approach to governing and point toward how  the Army and Marine Corps veteran keeps confounding skeptics by winning in a Democratic-leaning district.

That’s an accurate portrayal of the kind of congressman Coffman has been, and why his constituents, Republicans, Democrats and independents, keep electing him.