Democrat Jason Crow is nailed in a new campaign ad for turning his back on Colorado veterans — ironic since the 6th congressional district candidate is a veteran himself.

The ad launch today in Denver reveals that Crow, who brags about his leadership on the Colorado Board of Veterans Affairs, was actually MIA and negligent in his duties while scandals erupted within the system over delayed care for veterans.

Colorado Politics has an advance copy of the ad:

“Jason Crow didn’t show up for work, skipping a third of the board’s meetings, neglecting veterans,” the ad says.

According to board minutes, Crow was marked absent at 35 percent of the 51 board meetings that took place while he was a member.

Reached for comment, Crow’s campaign declined, Colorado Politics reported.

“Jason Crow is another all talk, no action politician who turned his back on Colorado veterans,” said Courtney Alexander, CLF’s communications director, in a statement. “It was Crow’s job to advocate for veterans, but Crow failed Colorado veterans, and they suffered because of mismanagement at the VA.”

The 30-second ad has a reserved buy of $2.2 million, paid for by House Speaker Paul Ryan’s PAC.