Last night, Colorado Springs-based Laura Carno, founder of FASTER Colorado, appeared on FoxNews Channel to defend the concept of arming teachers. FASTER Colorado has trained hundreds of teachers in Colorado to protect their kids just as they would protect their homes – with a gun.

The most remarkable part of this piece is that Carno and Jason Chaffetz, subbing for Laura Ingraham, got Carno’s counterpart from Guns Down America, to admit that appropriately training teachers may be worth a conversation. And isn’t that the whole point – appropriately training teachers? Don’t worry. Guns Down America quickly changed the subject to his concept that we are able to get guns more easily.

Just watch:

Carno dismantled this guy’s argument over and over again. At the heart of this conversation is whether teachers, who, yes, have been appropriately trained, should be allowed to have the three to five-minute head start in protecting their kids in an active shooter situation.

We would argue they should.