Guess what happened to the two Aurora police officers accused of leaking the video of Mayor Hancock’s son acting like an arrogant, spoiled, disrespectful and foul-mouthed brat during a traffic stop?

They got suspended from their job and lost a day’s pay.

What did Jordan Hancock get for driving without a license and doing 50 mph in a 65 mph zone? A $250 fine and apologies made on his behalf by a city spokesperson.

Here’s an example of how the mayor’s son treats city law enforcement. Because Hancock was driving without a license, the officer had to take the 22-year-old’s picture.

“You ain’t taking my picture,” Jordan said. “B—-, my dad’s the mayor, you f—ing f—–,” he told the officer.

We have to wonder what would have happened to the Aurora police officers if they leaked embarrassing video of a Republican official’s child?

Instead of a suspension, we suspect they would be given a raise.