Knock, knock. Guess who’s there, PeakNation™?  Just don’t-destroy-my-vacation-home Democratic candidate for Governor Jared Polis running away from his supposedly non-fungible love for a single-payer system.  A loyal reader sent in this lit drop that arrived on their doorstep.  Notice anything peculiar about it?  In the 53 words he devotes to health care, not a single utterance of single-payer, or as his slapped-lipstick-on-this-pig-ism “medicare for all.”

Polis loves single-payer so much he’s gone full hipster on it, swearing he loved single-payer before, you know, like, it was cool to like single-payer… bro.  Like, Polis had heard of single-payer while all our lame a$$e$ were still listening to *shudder* Coldplay way back in 2008.

That feeling of you being so confused is shared almost universally by everyone covering this race; is Polis really going to make his ride-or-die a policy that was soundly rejected by Colorado voters just in 2016 by a four-to-one margin (79%-21%, for those of you keeping score at home)? [our take here at Peak]

Polis must know how politically suicidal such a position is as we can see he’s already running away from stating how much he loves single-payer for the low-fo voters who will only know him via lit drops, and how he pirouettes from the failed Amendment 69 by claiming that wasn’t a “real” single-payer system.  Where have we heard that line of reasoning before… hmm?

In the over 800 mind-numbing, campaign jargon words Polis devotes specifically to healthcare on his campaign website, not a single dollar or cent figure is given.  When it’s possible that a bad policy might bankrupt Colorado, Polis must be forced to spell out his vision more explicitly for Coloradans.