The next Democrat who mentions campaign finance reform without holding a photo of Jared Polis should be laughed out of town and banned from politics.

The Boulder Democrat has reached the level of obscenity in campaign loans to himself that would make a Rockefeller blush — $18 million.

You read correctly, $18 fricken million dollars Polis has contributed to his own self in order to buy the public’s vote and be governor.

And as governor, he will have a constituency of one.

Himself. The millionaire.

It’s just grotesque.

How many homeless people could have been fed and housed in his own hometown for that kind of money? That’s the kind of questions Democrats should be asking themselves.

Was this the Democratic Party’s goal all along as they preached for donation limits of a few thousand dollars? Just to level the playing field so only millionaire liberals could be elected to higher office?

From Colorado Politics:

That puts Polis, who limits contributions from everyone but himself to $100 each, at $18.6 million in total contributions and Stapleton at just under $3 million total.

The price tag so far for the governor’s election is more than $21 million, and Polis still has two more months and hundreds of millions more in his wallet to go.