With the Club 20 debates set for Saturday and Democratic Gubernatorial Candidate Jared Polis still declining to participate, we did some digging and put together this Top 10 list of reasons we suspect he can’t really attend.

For the record, his campaign has maintained for months that he has a prior commitment, but refuses to explain what is more important than the historic Club 20 debate.

So, why can’t he attend?

10. Husband says he’s too old to be out clubbing

9. No disco music

8. Cowboy chaps are at the dry cleaners

7. Scared of sheep

6. Thinks BLM stands for Black Lives Matter

5. Can’t pronounce Ouray

4. The “I heart prairie dogs” sticker won’t come off his bumper

3. Hotel won’t accept payment in bitcoin

2. Free lunch not included

1. Has tickets to League of Legends video game championships in Oakland!

It’s no secret Polis and his spouse Marlon Reis are die-hard League of Legends video gamers.

And, it just so happens the League of Legends Championship Series is the same weekend as the Club 20 fall conference and debates.

As a matter of fact, the championships kick off Saturday at the same time as the gubernatorial debate.

Coincidence, or not?

It’s the only explanation we could find of an event more important to Polis than actually working to get the job he’s spent more than $10 million to buy.