Creepy knockers for Planned Parenthood.

Jared Polis wasn’t the only Democrat to skip the Club 20 debate on Saturday.

State Sen. Kerry Donovan also had more important tasks to attend to rather than face her constituents and debate her opponent, Delta County Commissioner Olen Lund, on tough issues.

Most Western Slope newspapers gave her a pass, stating simply that she had a scheduling conflict.

But Colorado Politics called her out. Donovan was with Planned Parenthood in Salida all day knocking on doors to convince voters they weren’t all heartless baby killers. Or something.

And look! They found a supporter!

“Seems to me that Donovan has taken a page from the Polis playbook,” Lund said. “Boulder Democrat Jared Polis ignored pleas from West Slope Democrats to attend the Club 20 forum. Even their pleas fell flat on Polis’ tone-deaf ears. I would have thought Donovan had better sense.”

Donovan obviously doesn’t have more sense, but after knocking on 800 doors with Planned Parenthood, they will make sure her campaign gets a lot more cents.