When getting to know a candidate, it’s helpful when he or she offers to discuss writers and books that have inspired her. In the case of Democrat (or should we say Democratic Socialist) Congressional candidate Diane Mitsch Bush, she doesn’t want voters to know which radical books have served as inspiration.

But, we have them here for you, PeakNation™. You’re welcome.

That’s our only conclusion after she deleted posts from her website talking about the book that inspired her, “The Other America” by Michael Harrington, a self-proclaimed socialist and founder of the Democratic Socialist Party in America. Yes, the same place from which Bernie Sanders originated.

Here’s a description of Harrington and his book from Wikipedia:

“The Other America is Michael Harrington‘s best known and likely most influential book. He was an American democratic socialist, writer, political activist, political theorist, professor of political science, radio commentator, and founding member of the Democratic Socialists of America. He believed that American Socialists could support certain Democratic Party candidates, including candidates for President.”

Are there many Democratic Socialists on the Third Congressional District? We suspect not and we suspect Sanders or the far left Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez, who has been widely panned on social media for not being super knowledgeable on pretty much anything in the real world, would not play well in this part of the state, where Democrats lean more blue collar than red hammer and sickle.

Either way, voters should know how far left Mitsch Bush is and that she’s closer to Bernie Sanders than John Salazar.