Yesterday, Twitter jumped to Democrat Attorney General Paul Weiser’s defense after Colorado Rising distributed a video showing that Weiser had basically never tried a case in a Colorado court. See, last weekend, Weiser and Republican George Brauchler squared off for a debate at Club 20’s Fall Conference in Grand Junction, the pair’s latest bout in their quest to succeed Cynthia Coffman as Colorado Attorney General.

Brauchler, a seasoned District Attorney who has prosecuted hundreds of cases in Colorado court, stood out in comparison to Weiser, a CU law professor whose courtroom experience is limited, at best. Brauchler made this very point during the Q&A portion of the debate, asking Weiser if he had ever practiced law in a Colorado courtroom. Stammering, Weiser eventually replied:

“I have argued several appeals here in Colorado… in… in the court, here, in Colorado… the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals, here in Colorado.”

Just watch:

The 10th Circuit Court of Appeals is a federal court based in Denver, not a Colorado court, a distinction of which Weiser was surely aware. We hope….

But we digress. It turns out that in 24 years of “practicing” law, Weiser has only been involved in seven cases, all the federal level.

Seven. And the guy is running to be the Attorney General of a pretty busy state. This is the equivalent of the Broncos drafting diminutive Rockies utility man Raimel Tapia and immediately starting him on the offensive line against the Raiders.

Weiser and his team should probably stop body-shaming political operatives and get some relevant experience. Colorado deserves better from a major party candidate for an office as important as Attorney General.