Denver Post reporter Jon Murray broke the news yesterday that presidential loser and Denver email server customer Hillary Clinton will roll into the Mile High City on September 23rd to headline a fundraiser for Democratic gubernatorial nominee Jared Polis and other liberal candidates in the state.

Flashback to 2016: Polis served as a superdelegate for Clinton, despite Colorado Democrats choosing Bernie Sanders by nearly 20 percent. You’ll recall that Clinton’s superdelegates essentially fixed the nomination process in her favor, effectively silencing Sanders supporters despite the latter’s remarkable string of victories in primaries and caucuses across the nation.

Polis took a ton of heat from the liberal base in Colorado for being a willing participant in this scheme. By bringing in big gun Hillary Clinton (with apologies to Vince Foster) to benefit his campaign this month, Polis is giving yet another middle finger to Colorado’s leftist base.

Remember, Polis’ relationship with the enviro-hippie base was already on thin ice following his “compromise” with Governor Hickenlooper to pull his oil-and-gas drilling setbacks measure off the ballot in 2014.

While Polis is almost certainly lying through his teeth in opposing Proposition 112 this fall, it’s yet another data point that confirms the guy will throw his own base under the bus, over and over again, so long as it benefits him.

Democrats had tired of Polis’ self-serving style years ago. It’s gotten worse since then.

Polis has seemingly learned a thing or two from Hillary Clinton over the years. Perhaps the outcome of his race come November will mirror hers in 2016.