Jared Polis has really outdone himself on promises he can’t keep to voters — now he’s promising prescription drugs from Canada.

He’s going to “create a system,” see, that will magically compel Congress to allow it.

Then we will need a system for doctors to relay all our scripts there, with assurances from Canada they won’t charge hefty export fees.

Ponies will then sprout magic wings and fly the medicine to our homes.

But why stop at Canada? Why doesn’t Polis promise us prescriptions from India where drugs produced in America are even cheaper?

Or better yet, why doesn’t he build a time machine and turn back the clock pre-Obamacare, before the price of drugs went through the ceiling with mandated health insurance for all?

Granted, drugs were costly before Obamacare*, but since that disaster passed, the prices have gone from pricy to outright unaffordable — like, more than our monthly mortgage unaffordable.


*Friendly reminder, Polis was a huge supporter of Obamacare