Democrats are up in arms when women are demeaned in sexual verbiage (as they should be)…unless the women are Republicans. In that instance, Democrats prefer to do the demeaning themselves.

Take for instance this new article by Lachlan Markey as highlighted by Free Beacon, which ties 42 different nasty, pro-Democrat (or anti-GOP) Facebook pages’ ads to Martha Tierney, former (current?) lawyer for the Colorado Democratic Party. Here is an example of the text of an ad she posted about GOP donor Rebekah Mercer:

“‘Her only job was making sex cookies with names like ‘Creamy Seduction,’ the ad text says over the video. ‘But then, she decided she’d rather seduce Republicans,’ it continued, over a photo of White House adviser Kellyanne Conway and former Trump strategist Steve Bannon.”

Would Tierney and her affiliated organizations have spun the narrative about Mercer’s father that way? Or what about Pat Stryker? Likely not.

Then again, a woman who won’t carry the Democratic Party water is a huge betrayal for someone like Tierney and her liberal cronies. And, that kind of betrayal is worthy of all sorts of demeaning language, verging on sexual harassment. Right?

See, it’s ok if Democrats say nasty things about women, but if the shoe was on the Republican foot, there would be hell to pay.

We expect journalists in Denver and beyond to ask Tierney and her clients whether this type of rhetoric would be okay from Republicans. We’ll wait.