Correction: John Fund at National Review has apologized for spreading false information about Ramirez. Apparently, the Deborah Ramirez who was a Soros Fellow is not the same Deborah Ramirez accusing Judge Kavanaugh of inappropriate behavior. If Fund can apologize, we can, too.

The drama surrounding Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearings hit home in Colorado today, as the New Yorker published a story that featured a Boulder woman, Deborah Ramirez.  Ramirez, a Yale classmate of Kavanaugh, claims that the nominee exposed himself to her during a party that involved copious amounts alcohol. Oh, and by the way, in case you were concerned that this was purely political, Ramirez was a Soros Fellow back in 2003. George Soros is one of the largest Democratic donors in the world.

Questions abound.

Why did she wait so long to level this accusation?  According to her, Ramirez was drinking and could not remember the details of the night.  But also according to her, over the course of the past week those details became more clear, so she lawyered up and ran to the press (but never law enforcement).  In fact, with this accuser’s first interview with the New Yorker, she “was reluctant to characterize Kavanaugh’s role in the incident with certainty.”

What she does now remember, according to the New Yorker, is that Kavanaugh was there, and someone pulled their pants up – the article specifically does not say that she recalls it was Kavanaugh with his pants down.  The New Yorker, in its attempts to verify Ramirez’s story, contacted numerous Yale alumni who could have been at the scene of that party, and could not get a single person to say that they were there and witnessed Kavanaugh expose himself to Ramirez.

Ramirez named two male classmates who she claims were in the room.  The New Yorker is refusing to report their names, but when contacted by the publication, neither could recall the party or incident that Ramirez is claiming.

Holes you could drive a big rig through.

Not surprisingly, Stan Garnett, the former Boulder District Attorney, is representing Ramirez in this matter.