Jared Polis is courting farmer voters these days, or should we say this minute, since we saw it on Twitter.

His blink-of-an-eye message is beyond Orwellian. Coming from Polis, it’s flat-out laughable.

First of all, Trump didn’t start the trade war with China — the former communist country has been undermining the world trade market for nearly two decades.

Trump is trying to end it, and yes, farmers are getting hurt, thus the billion-dollar aid package.

What makes our sides split with laughter, is the accusation that Republicans are trying to eliminate our agriculture market or any market for that matter.

Or, that Republicans are using bundles of (taxpayer) cash to buy loyalty and dependency.

That’s the very definition of liberalism right there.

Maybe Polis think’s it’s opposite, because the opposite is exactly what he is doing right now in Colorado: Showing up with bundles of cash to buy loyalty and dependency, so he can then take away our energy markets, our land use for ranching, and what little health care we can still afford.