With the weekend coming up fast and given that the media has largely given Democratic Congressman and gubernatorial candidate Jared Polis a pass on his assault of his secretary in 1999, we thought we would help the creative juices flow and give the media some food for thought over the weekend. Here are a few starter questions that we think the media should ask:

  • Did you threaten to sue a media outlet if they ran this story?
  • What was so important in those documents? Was she trying to blow the whistle on your corporate cronyism?
  • Were they worth physical assault?
  • Is physically assaulting a subordinate twice your age the appropriate way to deal with white collar crime?
  • Did the documents show how bad the deal you were about to make was?
  • Wasn’t your name change, done just a couple of months before you ran for State Board of Education, obviously so you could run for office?
  • If you were concerned about theft, why would you physically prevent Patricia Hughes from calling 9-1-1? Wouldn’t she be doing you a favor?
  • Why did you try to take the law into your own hands.
  • She worked for you and we assume you had her home address so why not let her leave and send the cops after her?
  • You pushed a woman, is that acceptable in any situation?
  • Do you teach your children its okay to use violence when you decide its okay?
Marshall Zelinger, perhaps start with these questions while sitting on Polis’ doorstep instead of taking his garbage statement at face value.