Democrat riding the blue wave of victory.

Democratic prognosticators are desperate for us to believe a blue wave is coming that will sweep Republicans out of control in the U.S. House come November.

Here at home, the crystal ball is still foggy and dim on the race between U.S. Rep. Mike Coffman and Democratic challenger Jason Crow.

Especially after deplorable commercials were launched this week by Crow’s supporters using a tragic school and theater shooting in Colorado as political props.

The anti-gun group that produced the ads backing Crow are amending one to remove the victim’s name, yet neither they nor the Crow campaign have shown any remorse for pulling the sleaziest campaign move in the history of our memory.

In other congressional races, it looks like incumbents are safe on both sides of the aisle, according to the Colorado Springs Gazette.

The political forecasting blog FiveThirtyEight and editor Nate Silver says Doug Lamborn has a 98 percent chance of keeping his seat.

In the 3rd District, Republican U.S. Rep. Scott Tipton is expected to easily defeat Democrat Diane Mitsch Bush, while Republican incumbent U.S. Rep. Ken Buck is given a 97 percent chance of holding off Democrat Karen McCormick in the 4th Congressional District.

In a nutshell, Democrats have made no gains at all in Republican districts here, and are fighting like mad to get their toe inside a district they think should be voting Democrat, but keeps swinging Republican.

If this purple state is any indication of how much strength the mythical blue wave is gathering across the nation, we’re in for a little splash, rather than a wipe out.