The Pueblo Chieftain, newspaper of the Democratic voting bloc known also as Pueblo, has endorsed the Republican candidate for attorney general, George Brauchler.

The Chieftain is endorsing the Republican for many reasons, including his outstanding qualifications.

What caused our jaw to slam warp speed into our lap, the Chieftain doesn’t like what the Democrat had to say about President Trump.

Grab some popcorn:

Brauchler is a Republican, but he doesn’t see the attorney general’s job as a particularly partisan one. He vowed to represent his clients in all cases that are legally and constitutionally sound, regardless of whether he agrees with their underlying policy objectives or not.

Frankly, we’re worried that his Democratic opponent, Phil Weiser, might not share that approach. During his primary campaign, Weiser ran advertisements citing his intent to oppose the policies of President Donald Trump.

This editorial board doesn’t always agree with Trump, but that doesn’t mean we want an attorney general who’s going to spend a considerable amount of his time trying to figure out how to thwart the president’s agenda. Nor do we want someone who would be attempting to do the same with members of the opposing party in state government.

Perhaps this is why Coloradans tend to vote Republican in the attorney general elections — they want tough law enforcement and a no-nonsense lawyer to protect our interests.

Despite the best efforts of Beltway liberals to turn the judiciary branch of government into a political sandbox, Americans know in their hearts that our courts and our state top cops leading attorney general offices, above all else, must remain fair and impartial.

Political vendetta’s like Weiser’s are better suited for personal Facebook rants, not leading our law enforcement.