Jared Polis has taken a break from lying and flip-flopping on the issues and what he would do if elected governor.

Now he simply refuses to answer.

Like a kid running for class president and promising free candy and soft drink distribution in the cafeteria if elected, Polis is promising us a lot of free stuff without explanation as to how he will make it happen, or who will pay for all of this free stuff.

Case in point, at the Pueblo debate Monday night, Polis flat-out refused to explain how he will pay for free pre-school and kindergarten classes, or get us cheaper and better health insurance.

His plan for free babysitting early education was to point at Oklahoma and exclaim “if Oklahoma can do it, we can do it.”

But can we get Oklahoma to pay for it, also? It took some research, but we finally found out how much free pre kindergarten costs in Oklahoma — $144 million a year. No surprise, the money comes from taxes paid for by taxpayers.

See how that free stuff works?

We were wondering why Polis pulled Oklahoma out of his hat, and it turns out that same free pre-k program was once touted by President Obama in one of his State of the Union addresses, in which he called on Congress to pass federal funding to do the same nationwide.

That idea, along with the $75 billion price tag, went nowhere, fast.

And it turns out, Oklahoma’s system was later panned by some experts who say reading scores actually declined after the new system was put in place.

The only reason Polis has made it a central campaign point is because he is indebted to the school unions.

They bought him with their endorsement, and in return they want free early education and all of the teaching experience requirements that come with it, so they can unionize more teachers.

Polis knows Colorado doesn’t have the money for free pre-school and kindergarten and he knows he can’t deliver on his promise.

But just like a kid running for class president, he will promise anything just to get elected.