“Gaslight,” fake movie news

Proof, as if we need more, that Proposition 112 is just a thinly disguised effort to ban fracking, check out these anti fracking celebrities who just happen to be passing through Colorado recently.

There’s Josh Fox, the frackdaddy of them all and director of the acclaimed yet debunked propaganda film “Gasland.”

He was hosted by proposition leaders Colorado Rising in recent weeks to showcase his new play “The Truth Has Changed.”

And to campaign for them.

Unless the truth for Fox is no longer his mission to ban fracking, he was here in an effort to ban fracking.

Energy In Depth also reports Sandra Steingraber, co-founder of New Yorkers Against Fracking, was also in Denver last week to promote her documentary “Unfractured” among the faithful followers at Colorado Rising.

What words of wisdom did she impart on her naive followers to help them ban fracking?

“What I discovered is I’m willing to go into jail.”

The Denver Post is carrying their message and insisting that this proposition has nothing to do with banning fracking.

Execpt, that is, to ban fracking. And these activities prove it.