Jason Crow has tried in vain to stake out a political career based on the opposite of everything U.S. Rep. Mike Coffman has accomplished.

He’s the chief critic of Coffman’s voting record, but now it appears Crow doesn’t even have a clue of what that record entails.

Crow was asked during the PBS debate with Coffman: “Besides the tax cut, what one vote would you have taken differently?”

For all the stuttering and babbling that amounted to cluelessness, you’d think he was asked how to achieve peace in the Middle East.

Crow couldn’t come up with an answer, yet digging himself further into a hole, he let it slip that Americans should still have to pay enormous fines for not being able to afford health insurance.

Watch it here:


“Jason Crow’s deer in the headlights moment shows he is incapable of thinking beyond what Nancy Pelosi and the DCCC tell him to say. Crow’s criticism of Coffman’s voting record while being effectively unable to name a single vote he disagrees with is the height of hypocrisy,” said Kyle Kohli, Colorado communications director for the Republican National Committee.

It’s also politically risky to disagree with a voting record like Coffman’s that includes pay raises for our troops, which Jared Polis voted against, as well as funding to fight the opioid epidemic.

The only thing Crow seems to know for sure, is that he likes taxing Americans.