While Jared Polis is banking on the #MeToo wing of the Democrat party to turn out for him in big numbers next month, it seems like the Congressman’s actions do not back up his pandering talk on the issue.

On the heels of a report coming out that Polis laid hands on a female employee resulting in a police report and the subsequent changing of his name, now Polis refuses to go along with other members of his party insisting on the resignation of abuser Jovan Melton, a state representative and Democrat party leader in the Colorado House.

In a statement from the Republican Governors Association, the group said, “Instead of condemning his behavior, Polis deflected and even made excuses for his close ally [Melton], arguing the case was ‘a tough one’ because Melton was ‘young’ when he committed the violent acts.”

Once again, Polis wants us to believe what he tells us about an important issue, and not our lying eyes.  Any person who cannot figure out that violence against women is unacceptable in all cases has no business being governor of Colorado.