Ooops, Rep. Salazar, your radical environmentalist is showing. Yesterday, the crew from Colorado Rising (the folks trying destroy Colorado’s economy, not save it) hosted a rally on the steps of the Colorado State Capitol where Salazar (D-Foot in Mouth) accidentally revealed what Proposition 112 truly hopes to achieve.

Just watch:


“The oil and gas industry needs to be looked at as an immoral industry, much the same as private prisons. That flesh (really?) for cash business and it has no business in the state of Colorado. Our state will be fine without them.”

First of all, our state does need the oil and gas industry as it supports over 200,000 jobs throughout Colorado. Colorado will not be fine without the industry; although, perversely, this could be a solution for the traffic issues? Not funny?

More importantly, this bizarre rant was like a window into Salazar’s creepy little soul. Remember, this whole time advocates for Proposition 112 have positioned this terrible ballot measure as a health and safety measure. That’s not what this is about according to Salazar. This is about banning a business that he doesn’t like. Period.

Even more important than this is the implication it has for Coloradans. It’s not just about banning a business, even if that’s Salazar’s story. This is about taking away jobs and education from our friends and neighbors.

What is Salazar thinking?

Well, we probably won’t have to wait long to find out. Salazar has zero filter or message discipline. Pass the popcorn.