Bernie Sanders is on tour again.

His one-note show of socialism, socialism, socialism will be performing at two stops in Colorado in front of a very confused crowd later this month.


It’s confusing, because Sanders is there to campaign for Jared Polis in the governor’s race.

PeakNation™ will remember that Polis suffered serious blowback from Democrats when he refused to back Sanders in the presidential election against Hillary Clinton.

Polis was one of those superdelegates who ignored the will of the Democratic caucus voters, including his own Boulder constituents, and used his powers instead for Hillary Clinton.

His constituents were so mad, a restaurant worker actually slipped him a nasty note with his take-out Easter dinner.

The hypocritical lengths to which Polis has gone this election season is nothing short of astounding.

He will let nothing get in the way of his power grab for the governorship, including his own beliefs — whatever the Hell those are this week.

The Boulder liberal-turned-moderate-turned Sanders socialist has succeeded in completely confusing voters as to his true identity.

“We should thank Senator Sanders for his trip to Colorado. He is effectively exposing Jared Polis for exactly what he really is – a far-left extremist,” said Kelly Maher, executive director of Compass Colorado. 

We hope that Sanders’s supporters welcome Polis with the same boos and hisses he got for casting his superdelegate vote for Hillary.