Jared Polis finally admitted he plans to raise taxes if elected governor, starting with a tax that will increase the cost of our gasoline and electricity, turning on our stove or fireplace.

The liberal from Boulder tried to spin it during Wednesday’s debate in Fort Collins as a tax on polluters — the “polluters” in question being utility and energy companies that Polis tries to cozy up to one day, and demonize the next.

We’re not stupid, Polis. Every consumer knows that when government taxes something we buy, be it food, heat or gasoline, the cost of that tax passes to us.

It’s a trickle-down tax, no matter how Polis tries to spin it.

Taxes have never solved a problem yet Polis thinks it’s the answer to climate change — take people’s money and the globe stops warming.

But taxes only leads to bigger government and more taxes, and that’s what Polis wants to do if elected governor.

Raise. Our. Taxes.

The Colorado Sun confirmed it today under this headline:

In governor’s race, Jared Polis proposes new tax carbon tax, endorses other tax hikes
Here’s a list of all the tax hikes Democratic candidate

That’s right, there’s an actual list of all the tax hikes Polis wants to accomplish as governor.

Polis says he doesn’t support Amendment 73 taxes for education, he just wants to find “new revenue,” also known as new taxes, to pay for it.

Polis says he wants to formulate a plan to raise $9 billion for roads. We’re guessing it’s not a Go Fund Me page.

He’s all for sports betting. Oh, and he says he will tax it.

There’s also the et cetera taxes:

It’s not clear which ones he would target, but it would amount to tax hikes for various industries, some of which may be passed to consumers. Another unknown factor is whether he could convince the state legislature to take the action, given the stalemate on the issue in recent years. Polis has said that the new revenue would go toward reducing income taxes, but he offered few specifics.

“Tonight’s debate made it clear that Jared Polis has absolutely no intention of ever being honest with voters about the massive tax increases he will seek as governor,” said Kyle Kohli, Colorado communications director of the RNC.

“On the other hand, Walker Stapleton showed voters he has a clear agenda to improve Colorado’s economy and protect healthcare for seniors and the middle class. Walker is the right choice for every Coloradan who prefers pro-growth leadership over socialism, and that is why he will win in November,” Kohli said.

How will Polis get around TABOR? He’s committed to building a coalition that will persuade voters to let him raise their taxes, that’s what he means by finding new revenue.

And in exchange for all of those tax increases, Polis says he might be willing to give us an income tax break of maybe three-tenths of a percent.

That might be significant for a millionaire, but for us mere mortals, it ain’t squat.