The Grand Junction Daily Sentinel has endorsed U.S. Rep. Scott Tipton for another term, albeit one of the strangest, back-handed endorsement we’ve ever seen.

In a nutshell, the straw that broke the Sentinel’s support was Democrat Diane Mitsch Bush’s refusal to back the Jordan Cove natural gas pipeline.

“While Democrat Diane Mitsch Bush hasn’t formally come out against a proposed pipeline that would move Piceance Basin natural gas to a liquefication terminal on the Oregon coast for shipment to Asian markets, the questions she’s raised indicate she’s no ally of the $9.8 billion project.”

The fact is, Bush doesn’t think natural gas is any use to Coloradans — not for the energy or the jobs it produces or our economy it bolsters.

That’s a losing stance on the Western Slope.

What’s ironic about the Sentinel’s endorsement, is their confession that was the only issue holding them back.

They don’t think Tipton is dynamic enough or does enough for 3rd Congressional voters — other than all that work they cited to get more forest fire protections, VA medical treatment, federal money from federal land royalties and protecting Pueblo steel producers.

They really wanted to endorse Bush, the Sentinel reveals, because if Democrats should happen to retake the house, Bush would be on the winning side.

In essence, they want Democrats to win, but they want all the work Republicans actually do for Colorado when they’re in charge.

Looks like the old adage is holding true on the Western Slope, when it comes to politics, it comes down to “what have you done for me lately?”