Legislation authored by U.S. Sen. Cory Gardner to combat the opioid crisis was signed into law this week by President Trump.

The bipartisan bill included Gardner’s Alternatives to Opioids in the Emergency Department Act.

It will create a three year demonstration program to test alternative pain management tools to reduce the amount of opioids being used.

Once completed, the researchers will recommendation ways to establish new pain management protocols across the country.

“One piece of legislation isn’t going to stop the epidemic, but it’s going to make a positive difference in the lives being harmed,” Gardner said in a statement.

“We must remain focused on advancing policies that prevent drug abuse, expand treatment, and support families,” Gardner said.

With all the political turmoil and threats bandied about by some on both sides of the political aisle, it’s reassuring to see that lawmakers, including one of our own, can still work together for the health and safety of our country.