In case you missed it, PeakNation™, environmentalist, internet inventor, and former Vice President Al Gore has come out in favor of Proposition 112, which would require a half-mile setback from any new oil and gas development. This ballot initiative would destroy Colorado’s economy.

Then again, if you recall, Vice President Gore does not actually live in Colorado and does have to deal with the effects should this devastating initiative, that would effectively ban oil and gas development, pass.

The ballot initiative would kill 150,000 jobs over a dozen years, over three-quarters of which would not be in the oil and gas industry. Perhaps more laughable (because people losing their jobs isn’t actually funny) is the fact that Gore is supporting an initiative that would restrict development of the very resource – natural gas – responsible for reductions in greenhouse gas emissions.

Perhaps someone should tell him that without oil and gas there would be no internet…or private jets. Womp womp.