The latest dispatch from the Secretary of State’s office shows Republicans holding a state-wide lead in ballots returned thus far (+ 1,068), making political observers wondering when this so-called blue wave will materialize in Colorado.  While Democrats enjoy a base of nearly 40,000 more active voters than Republicans in the state, these current returns have to be disappointing to Jared Polis’ campaign, as well as Democrat candidates in numerous down ballot races.

Some of the key counties to this year’s race include:
Arapahoe County
Republican: 30,580
Democrat: 32,666
Unaffiliated: 25,863

Boulder County
Republican: 9,054
Democrat: 29,326
Unaffiliated: 16,745

Denver County
Republican: 12,509
Democrat: 45,541
Unaffiliated: 23,296

El Paso County
Republican: 44,241
Democrat: 21,917
Unaffiliated: 25,238

Jefferson County
Republican: 34,509
Democrat: 36,425
Unaffiliated: 33/010

No matter which way the unaffiliated voters end up braking this year, it is safe to say that this mythical blue wave was nothing more than the fascinations of liberal bloggers, Democrat operatives, and their allies in the media.