Halloween may have come and gone, but the fright may have just begun for Coloradans.

Democrat gubernatorial nominee Jared Polis continues to peddle promises of “free,” government-run health care, despite Coloradans’ rejection of an identically calamitous proposal by a four-to-one margin just two years ago.

That hasn’t stopped the Democratic base from continuing to advocate for a policy that would require massive increases in government revenue to fund. It’s as if nobody dares ask where the government would suddenly find $32 trillion over ten years to pay for it….

(Spoiler alert: they’d find it in our bank accounts.)

There’s a reason Coloradans overwhelmingly voted against single-payer health care in the first place: the prohibitive cost. Just because Polis claims it would be “free” does not make it so, and he knows it. For his part, pseudo-Communist Bernie Sanders is a lot more transparent about who he wants funding it. Think “fat-cats” in terms of rhetoric; in practice, think a family of five making $150,000 a year. You know, those “greedy” types who work hard to provide a comfortable, if not lavish, life for their families.

It’s almost as if Colorado has to elect Polis governor in order to rediscover the intellectual dishonesty of leftist policy-making. Democrats are so visibly deranged by the Presidency of Donald Trump that they’ve fallen off new rails entirely in the battle of ideas.

Their radical promises are harmless enough, until they actually win back some of the seats they deservedly hemorrhaged during President Obama’s final six years in office. The only policy proposals that Democrats offer voters are dependent on spending more of your money on things that will break immediately.

As Walker Stapleton noted in a recent debate, “Free is really expensive.” We hope not to find out exactly what the good Treasurer meant.