Earlier this week, Bloomberg reporter Michael Bellusci penned an overview of Proposition 112, highlighting the oil-and-gas-killing measure’s supporters (including Google co-founder Sergey Brin) and its opponents (namely, Emperor of the Centennial State John Elway).

Bellusci quietly issued a correction to the piece today, and, well, it’s a doozy:

Alphabet Inc. founder Sergey Brin’s foundation was briefly listed earlier this week among donors backing the plan — with an “in kind” gift for digital media, although the filing was later corrected. Brin’s foundation, instead, donated the service to general operations for ProgressNow Colorado, a communication firm that supports local progressive causes.

There was a huge misunderstanding on the part of Colorado Rising that led to an erroneous campaign finance filing with the Secretary of State’s office,” ProgressNow Colorado’s executive director Ian Silverii told Bloomberg news.

This begs a few important questions:

1) How did this possibly happen? Is there no daylight whatsoever between Colorado Rising and ProgressNow?

2) ProgressNow’s organizational support of Prop 112 is certainly unsurprising, but where are the leftist drum-beaters’ other financial backers on it?

3) Does Jared Polis still financially support ProgressNow?

4) If so, is he happy with the organization’s support of a measure that he personally opposes?

5) Or, does Polis actually support Proposition 112, after all?