Troubling news for liberal candidates and causes who are counting on the youth vote to push them over the finish line on Election Day.

Despite mainstream media reports that millennials are voting in droves this year, that’s not what’s happening in Colorado — hipster central.

KDVR reports that only 43,000 out of 951,000 returned ballots are from voters between the ages of 18 to 25.

After all the time and money invested by the Democratic Party on campus political theater, rallies and protests, this must be a huge disappointment for them.

“You know the biggest reaction I get is they don’t want to talk about it, they don’t care about politics many don’t even want to vote,” Michael Tsarevsk, an active supporter of Proposition 112 said.

So instead of turning voters on, radical antics are turning young voters off to the political process.

Contrary to popular belief, most kids aren’t racking up a six-figure education debt to raise their social conscience and stand around holding signs.

It’s heartening to know they’re too busy getting an education and cutting their own paths to successful careers.

We just hope that once their feet are firmly planted in adulthood, they’ll learn a new way to be civic-minded and turn their attention to political matters of real importance.