Democratic Rep. Faith Winter desperately wants to be seen as a leader in her caucus. She especially wants to be seen as someone who elects women because she thinks women are stupid enough to vote for a candidate solely based on gender, nevermind any other relevant qualifications a candidate may or may not have.

That appears to be the case in today’s sad Democratic story featuring RTD candidate Shontel Lewis, who was accused of stealing human services benefits (read: cash for poor people to not starve and/or freeze to death) when she worked at a food stamp office in Colorado. Basically, Lewis reissued cards meant for others’ use by her and her roommate. Lewis pleaded guilty and maintains the incident was due to a traumatic life event. Fine.

Here’s the rub. According to the Colorado Sun, the Colorado State Constitution prevents anyone “‘convicted of embezzlement of public moneys, bribery, perjury, solicitation of bribery, or subornation of perjury’ from holding ‘any office of trust or profit in this state.'”

So, she stole from poor people (who DOES that?) and may be disqualified from running for office. Great. Democrat Faith Winter endorsed her.

Knowing now what we know about Lewis, does Winter still endorse her? Why would Winter support someone who pleaded guilty to stealing from poor people? Inquiring minds want to know.