Not only does the latest political misstep by Jared Polis expose his complete ignorance of the governor’s job he seeks, but what’s truly frightening is that in all those years as a congressman, he failed to learn a thing about the National Guard.

Polis was asked by KUSA-9News if he would send the Colorado Army National Guard to the southern border if President Trump requested the troops.

It’s not that Polis said “no” that’s the problem, it’s his bizarre explanation that suggests he’s been missing in action from world affairs for the past two decades.

Polis said he would not allow National Guard troops to participate in any operation that might be politically motivated.

“You could use the same rational to not allow someone to fight in Afghanistan or Iraq,” (Kyle) Clark said to Polis. “Is that dangerous?”

Polis replied: “Well, it wouldn’t be Colorado National Guard units going to Afghanistan or Iraq. It would be, you know, U.S. military.”

The man who would be governor has no idea the National Guard troops he commands in the state, can also be deployed by the president overseas to defend our country.

Lang Sias, Walker Stapleton’s running mate, correctly called Polis out on this massive blunder.

So how was Polis planning to command the National Guard if elected governor? Deploy them to schools across the state to teach the free kindergarten classes he promised?

Not only is Polis incapable of grasping the responsibilities required of a governor, but he’s also the most incompetent congressman we’ve ever seen.