Rational folks might think a decisive defeat of a ballot measure by the voters rejecting setbacks on oil and gas is a pretty solid message.

But not for Governor-elect Jared Polis. In his eyes, the voters’ answer equals indecisiveness and therefore his government should do something about it.

If only the same could be said for the governor’s race.

Polis told 9News that decisive victory for the energy industry has actually created uncertainty for them, because he means to bleed the companies dry by forcing them to keep holding that election over and over every cycle, or do what Polis wants.

And Polis wants 2,000-foot setbacks, not the 2,500-foot setback that was put to voters in Proposition 112.

“So yes, we want to find a way where we empower local communities to have a seat at that table, that we have larger setbacks, unless, you know, everybody agrees, meaning the landowner wants them closer, and I think that we can do that. And that will be really the challenge, to show that we can solve that, and it’s not just the environmental community and neighborhoods that are affected. I think the oil and gas industry will be at the table to help solve this too.”

Polis thinks the gas industry might be invited to his table, which will consist of environmentalists, to change the will of the voter.

So that’s how Polis intends to govern. Do what he says, or he will bankrupt you.

But don’t worry energy workers, there will be plenty of state jobs available soon for kindergarten teachers.