Has Colorado completely shifted to the bizarro world of leftist Boulder politics of tax and ban, or were motivated voters struck with a severe case of anti-Trump fever?

We would argue the latter, and the Boulderization of Colorado is what we got in return.

Not only will we have Jared Polis, king of the Boulder liberals, as governor, but a string of leaders will follow him out of the mother ship and dominate our lives, and wallets.

Polis is the first governor ever elected from Boulder, and he will be joined in the statehouse and other leadership offices by fellow Boulder-area politicians, the Boulder Camera boldly and proudly reports.

Dianne Primavera, the lieutenant-governor-elect, is from Broomfield.

Speaker of the House KC Becker is from Boulder.

Steve Fenberg of Boulder is the new state Senate majority leader.

Boulder native Alex Garnett is the state House majority leader.

Jena Griswold of Louisville was elected secretary of state.

Lesley Smith of Boulder has a seat on the University of Colorado Board of Regents.

Incoming Attorney General Phil Weiser is the former dean of the University of Colorado Law School in Boulder.

But wait, there’s more.

Stan Garnett, former district attorney in Boulder, is now being touted to take on Republican U.S. Sen. Cory Gardner in 2020.

Eric Sondermann, a political analyst from Denver, summed up the new Boulder World Order this way:

“The epicenter of the Democratic Party these days is on its activist fringe. It’s not the 17th Street (Denver) party that it used to be. This is a party that’s as likely to hold its meetings at the local environmental group’s headquarters as it is to hold them at the local union hall. I think Polis certainly signifies that.”

The only silver lining is, we won’t have to contend with the activist fringe protesting every perceived slight, and constant rallies that signify and accomplish nothing.

The downfall — and it’s a long drop — is the activist fringe will actually have to govern and show leadership instead of constant rage and temper tantrums.

Good luck with that.