We gave Jared Polis the benefit of the doubt he would have some sort of clue how to govern Colorado if he were actually elected governor.

It’s quickly becoming apparent we gave him too much credit.

In interview after interview, the governor-elect is still sketchy about what needs to be done, let alone how he will tackle problems like transportation, the economy or education.

The only hints he’s dropped, there will be energy development setbacks and it will be more extreme than the proposal voters recently rejected. And the process will be led by radical environmentalists.

Polis couldn’t even answer softball questions tossed to him by the Glenwood Springs Post about hiking trails.

His pat answer to everything, we aren’t exaggerating (this time), he looks forward to figuring it out.

How will he drive economic interests on the Western Slope? He has passion and he’s excited.

High speed internet? It’s critical.

Roads? He looks forward to figuring that out.

Education? He looks forward to working with teachers.


“We want to work on increased tourism from the west instead of the east.”

Wait, what??

His answer to whether or not he will prioritize infrastructure projects on the Western Slope or Interstate 70 is to reverse the tourism traffic flow?

Was the reporter just too horrified by Polis’s answers for follow-up questions?

We really would like to hear more about solving road problems by encouraging traffic to arrive from the other direction, and just, well, stay there.

Welcome to the Hotel Colorado?

We don’t know whether to be relieved about his pending ineffectiveness, or horrified by his complete cluelessness.