“This is not Russia.” The sage words of respected former State Senator, Denver City Councilman and City Auditor Dennis Gallagher rang truer than ever the day before Thanksgiving.

Gallagher was responding to Governor John Hickenlooper’s request that the Colorado Supreme Court review conflicts between the Gallagher Amendment and TABOR, or the taxpayer bill of rights. Hick alleged that the two constitutional amendments prevent local communities from being able to fund services like schools and first responders.

Gallagher says rubbish and offered a stinging rebuke. Here’s the full response to Hick’s attempt to bypass taxpayers in order to fleece taxpayers, according to Colorado Politics (and, it’s amazing):

“‘To just want to come along and have the courts double everybody’s property taxes does not set well for somebody looking to run for higher office, I don’t think,’ he said Wednesday, referencing Hickenlooper’s recent dalliances with a presidential campaign.

“‘It’s a radical proposal,’ he said. ‘It’s radical.’

“Gallagher noted that plenty of special district have passed ballot measures to accomplish what Hickenlooper is asking the courts to do.

“‘You have to make the case,’ he said. ‘You can’t just be an elitist and come along and say we’re special. Baloney. This is democracy. This is not Russia.'”

Gallagher has a point. To unilaterally double everyone’s property taxes in Colorado would not bode well for Hick’s wishful presidential run. Of course, this is why Democrats should love TABOR. If they can get a tax increase passed by vote, Democrats have to shoulder none of the responsibility for the tax increase – it’s all the voters. Dismantle TABOR and get ready for Colorado to turn reddish-purple again.