Most people avoid behavior that could kill them in a split second.

But what if you could try something new and deadly, in a safe environment with medical staff on standby to save you from death?

Thanks to the Denver City Council, heroin may soon become the safe and cheap drug of choice of opioid addicts, bored college students, and successful members of society who can’t get painkillers from their doctors anymore.

There are no legal injection sites in the U.S. for “safe” usage of heroin, mostly because heroin is illegal and it’s a dangerous and dumb idea.

But a Denver City Council vote Monday night could change all that.

Their plan to prevent opioid use and cut down on overdoses is to — drumroll please — open a supervised drug emporium staffed with nurses and clean needles, and perhaps a disco ball.

It was an idea that failed in the legislature when Republicans controlled the Senate.

But now that Democrats are in charge of the whole show, injection site supporters like Councilman Albus Brooks are hoping tonight’s expected passage sends a message to the new Polis regime to follow suit and legalize injection sites for opium and heroin statewide.

It’s not just overdosing that kills opioid addicts, there are other effects like respiratory problems, liver and kidney damage, and mental illness.

This isn’t medical marijuana we’re talking about, opiates are extremely harmful drugs with deadly side effects.

Dosing people up and sending them out in the streets or back into their cars, alone or with children, is as crazy as shooting up heroin is in the first place.

Enabling heroin addicts to kill themselves more slowly is inhumane, and a burden on our health and mental health system as well as police.

The Denver City Council are fools for enabling, with taxpayer dollars, the most addictive, and dangerous drug on the planet.