Now that U.S. Rep. Ed Perlmutter has kept his pledge to vote against Nancy Pelosi for speaker in the party caucus, he’s trying to weasel out of that commitment.

Perlmutter is trying to cut a deal for his vote when Congress convenes in January, and the entire House, now with a Democratic majority, votes on the leadership.

He’s not asking for an outright bribe, but a quid pro quo — Perlmutter will vote for Nancy when it really counts, if Nancy agrees to term limits and an action described by Colorado Public Radio as a “pipeline for new leadership in the House.”

Jumping to the obvious conclusion, we believe this to mean that Pelosi should only serve one term, then step aside so leaders can move up the chain and open the whip position for a new person.

Perhaps it would be Diana DeGette, who so coveted that rank but had to abandon her campaign after accusations of racism from her opponent.

Stay tuned.