Nancy Pelosi has secured enough votes from her own caucus to be elected House Speaker when Republicans join in the January vote.

And guess who we have to thank for brokering the deal?

Colorado’s own who dat? U.S. Rep. Ed Perlmutter.

Did he secure a tax break for us in exchange for the needed votes to push Pelosi to victory? Perhaps a tax rebate? Anything, anything for us taxpayers?


In exchange for breaking his word and voting for Pelosi, Perlmutter made her promise to share her power with other Democrats, eventually, through a term limit.

If Democrats should keep the House in future elections, Pelosi will be their leader until 2024 — roughly the entire time President Trump is expected to be in office — under the term limit agreement.

“An important conversation was started here and going forward I feel confident our leaders will work to share their knowledge, experience and skill with those who aspire to leadership for the sake of our caucus, our party and our country,” said Colorado Congressman Ed Perlmutter in a statement.

Interestingly, the term limits only apply to the top three leadership posts and not to the other most powerful people in Washington, D.C., the committee chairmen and women.

When Republicans took control of the House in 1992 after wandering in the minority desert for 40 years, they instituted term limits on the powerful committee chairmans. When Democrats regained control for a term in 2009, they lifted the term limits for themselves.

Democrats haven’t yet decided on whether they will abide, or repeal the committee term limits. We doubt they will give up the power.

Meanwhile, newly elected Rep. Jason Crow maintains he will still oppose Pelosi, as he promised in his campaign.

We’d give him kudos for keeping his word, but it turns out Rep. Steny Hoyer, who will become majority leader, is madder than Hell over the term limits deal, reports the New York Times reports.

“She’s not negotiating for me,” he snapped the other day, referring to Ms. Pelosi’s deal with a group of House Democratic rebels to impose term limits on the leadership — and not just herself — of four years.
Hoyer is snappy, because he wanted to be House Speaker but Nancy won’t get out of his way.

And as PeakNation™ will never forget, it was Hoyer who held a secret meeting with Crow’s opponent, Levi Tillemann, and ordered him to “get out of the race” for the Democratic nomination in the 6th Congressional District to clear the way for Crow.

Well, the meeting was secret until Tillemann revealed he actually recorded it and shared it with the world. For a fresh perspective on why Crow is really voting against Pelosi, click here.