We are yet again in a partial government shutdown, which means it’s time for the liberal overlords of the National Park Service to exploit the situation to try and make Republicans look bad.

We already know Trump is to blame for the shutdown — the president stepped up and said that as soon as Democrats voted to shut down the government, he would take full responsibility for their actions.

It used to be the park service would just close the Washington Monument to anger lawmakers. Once that no longer provoked a reaction, they took their temper tantrums local, including the Rocky Mountain National Park.

KDVR reports the park initially said it would remain open, but when hundreds of folks showed up Sunday, the gates were closed.

Park bureaucrats claim they decided to close the gates because of potential snowy road conditions.

FOX31 and Channel 2 observed sunny weather and clear roads at the Beaver Meadows entrance Sunday morning. However, due to the road closure, we were unable to note conditions past the visitor center.
“We had to close the roads for safety reasons. All of these roads are above 8,000 feet in elevation. Due to the upcoming weather forecast for higher elevations,  it is uncertain whether these roads will reopen until after the shutdown. People can still access those parts of the park on foot,” the spokesperson said.

So the park remains “open,” they’re just not going to let anyone drive there in case it snows at a future date.

Visitor centers are always closed on Christmas Eve and Christmas, but to our knowledge, the park hasn’t closed the roads “in case” it snowed over the holiday.

They only do that when it suits their political agenda.