What has suddenly changed that would prompt U.S. Sen. Cory Gardner to come forward, the first Republican to do so, and urge the end of the government shutdown?

The answer is simple — Democrats are now in charge of the U.S. House, and the Constitution requires all government spending must originate in the House.

Why should Democrats cut a deal, when they control the purse strings?

They have zero incentive to do so. And as long as the government remains closed, more and more citizens will be impacted, government workers will suffer, and Republicans will be left holding the blame.

“We should pass the bipartisan appropriations bills that includes money for border security while we continue to fight for more border security money,” Gardner said in a statement. “Congress needs to take further action on border security, but that work should be done when the government is fully open.”

To negotiate spending now in a government shutdown, means that Republicans would have to trust Democrats to keep their word the deal would be written exactly as agreed.

The last time that happened we ended up with Obamacare.

Democrats have no intention of meeting Republican demands to hand over $5 billion for border wall construction.

Pelosi proved that by spending the shutdown at a Hawaii resort rather than Washington, D.C. And as soon as she was handed the gavel in the speaker election Thursday, she left town again until next week.

Republicans put up a good fight, holding out for border wall funding. But Democrats have won the battle and taken the Hill, which means Republicans must retreat and come up with Plan B.