Democrats in the new state legislature are jumping on the liberal bandwagon to get rid of the Electoral College and instead elect presidents by popular vote.

They argue it’s the only way to make all votes cast across the country truly equal.

An interesting, yet completely partisan argument.

Which election outcomes would have changed if that were the case? Why two Republicans, of course. President George W. Bush would have lost, and so would President Donald Trump.

The problem with counting the popular vote, is that votes clustered in urban areas would count more than votes from more rural areas.

It amounts to a shutout of the Republican Party.

Just take a look at the above map, to see where Republicans in red are spread by county across the nation.

Now look at this map as to how that turned out in Electoral College votes.

The Electoral College distributes votes to each state based on their total population for a total of 538 electors. A candidate must get a majority of 270 votes to win.

If we got rid of this system, Colorado would never see another presidential candidate campaigning here, because all their efforts will be focused on major population centers like California, New York and Florida.

In order to get reelected, presidents will focus all their work on helping those same major cities, and flyover country will wither and die.

Last time we checked, Colorado was considered flyover country.